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This month is a veritable potpourri of FAQs regarding XML. I've selected some questions that people have asked me time and time again. If there's one thing that I've learned as head geek, it's that if a single person e-mails me a question, there are probably a thousand others out there scratching their heads with the same question. Well, scratch no further. If I don't cover the question this month, it'll be answered in an upcoming column. Q: How do I handle dates in XSLT? A: Although dates are nicely addressed in the upcoming 2.0 spec of XSLT (patience, grasshopper), they're noticeably absent in the 1.0 working draft. For those of you who have wrestled with date handling, I expect to hear a collective "Whoo Hoo!" (spoken like Homer Simpson) as you read this section. Nonetheless, the need for functionality to handle dates would be nice to have right now. Dates are an ... (more)

Shedding a Little Light on XML

Wouldn't it be great to have something named after you? Up to now I've had no luck. Off the top of my head, the only way for this to happen is to (1) have children, (2) invent a lifesaving technique like the Heimlich maneuver, (3) die of a painful disease (Lou Gehrig's disease, for example),... ...(4) name a star after yourself (the "XML Star" was still available the last time I checked), (5) invent a clever method of grouping XML data (aka the Muenchian Method). Hopefully I will never qualify for option 3. Steve Muench, however, has managed to gain immortality by developing a ve... (more)

Shedding A Little Light On XML

When it gets too hot, go on vacation. This has always been my credo and by the time you read this article, I'll have long since returned from bliss and relaxation. As every American traveler knows, if you can't speak other languages, learn a few important common expressions: hello, thank you, how much is bail? Visiting other countries got me thinking that there are too few Web sites that support multiple languages. What is a bit unnerving is that according to a billboard in Europe, the prevalent language on the Web in 2007 will be Chinese. I guess the writing is on the wall, in ... (more)

Shedding a Little Light on XML

To understand recursion you must first understand recursion. Okay, so maybe it's the oldest recursion joke in the book, but fortunately I don't have to make my livelihood as a comedian. This month's column is dedicated to questions on recursion, in both the XML DOM and XSLT. re·cur·sion \ri-'k r-zh n\ n [mathematics] 1 : see recursion... I don't often get questions that specifically ask, "How do I use recursion to...? But I do get questions in which recursion plays a key role in the solution. The questions in this month's column are prime examples. If I were to guess why people a... (more)

Shedding A Little Light On Xml

Is it possible to manage an XML addiction and maintain a normal life at the same time? Well, I'm trying my best. You see, I've spent the last few years really enjoying working in this technology and balancing it against a passion for table tennis, traveling, and somehow squeaking out a personal life. This is the life of a developer.... Although I haven't been to my first XML Anon meeting yet, I'm close. Picture this: Me: Hello, my name is David and I'm an XML addict. Them: Hi Dave (a group of pocket protector-wearing folks say in unison). By day, I work as chief XML evangelist for... (more)